You didn’t know your beer can needed a PopSocket grip until now

Photo courtesy of PopSockets

Holding onto a beer can or a cup of coffee seems pretty instinctual — opposable thumbs are a beautiful thing. However, if it’s a little too difficult for you (#teamspilleverything), now you can regain composure with the new PopThirst drink holders created by PopSockets.

PopSockets are the nifty coin-sized mounts that you attach to the back of your cell phone. You pop the round button in and out of it’s rubber socket to hold on to it. And, voila — you hold the grip and your phone much more comfortably.


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The same idea applies for the PopThirst. A non-slip foam material fits around your drink like a Koozie. Then, you pop the button in and out to hold on to it. The product is reusable and ecofriendly. Plus, it keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot.

There are many designs and colors in the new product line-up. Some are specifically fitted for cans. Others are fitted for coffee cups, pint glasses and various beverage cups. Each one comes in a $15.

And these things are really convenient and customizable. The holder neatly folds flat to store away or to place in your pocket. Also, the PopSocket feature can be swapped out for other colors and designs. So, you can get creative here.

Now, you might think this sounds completely unnecessary. I mean, holding on to a cup is a simple task. But, I felt holding a cell phone was pretty easy, too. Then, I attached a PopSocket to the back of it. Now, I’m not really sure I could function on my phone the same ever again with out that comfortable holder on the back.

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So, something like this on a cup sounds like a great idea to me. If I can tailgate a little more gracefully without spilling my drink everywhere, then I’m on board. I mean, my loved ones didn’t nickname me “Spilly” for nothing.