The story behind the Yazoo Witch’s Grave

In 2016 vandals targeted this historic landmark in Glenwood cemetery as some of the chain links were found to be stolen from the grave. It’s believed that a curse is associated with anyone disturbing the grave. Locals say that areas of Yazoo City burned down more than a century ago after someone disturbed it.

Some believe the witch herself, who was already dead, was the fire-starting culprit.

The legend of the witch’s grave can also be found on the Visit Yazoo website.

According to the site, the legend of the Witch of Yazoo became famous in Willie Morris’ book, Good Old Boy published in 1971.

The legend goes that an old woman lived on the Yazoo River, and was caught torturing fishermen who she lured in off the river. The sheriff is said to have chased her through the swamps where she was half drowned in quicksand by the time the sheriff caught up with her.

As she was sinking, she swore her revenge on Yazoo City and on the town’s people. According to the legend, her exact words were, “In 20 years, I will return and burn this town to the ground!”

On May 25, 1904 over 200 residences and nearly every business in Yazoo City was destroyed in a fire. Many theories evolved as to how the fire started, but none were conclusive. According to the website, the most popular theory is that the fire started in the parlor of a young Miss Wise who was in preparation for her wedding to be held later that day. But it was the strange and fierce winds that were blowing on that day that lead many to blame the witch.

The flames were said by witnesses to have leaped through the air, as if driven by some supernatural force. A group of citizens made their way into Glenwood on the day after the fire and found the large chains around the grave of the witch broken in two.

Today, adults and children enjoy taking the tour of Glenwood Cemetery and hearing the story of the witch. If you’re ever looking for a spooky day-trip, head on over to Yazoo to take part in a tour of this grave.