This Waffle House inspired wedding cake is what dreams are made of

With the evolution of bakeries and cake making, you can make desserts look like just about anything you want now. Well, if Waffle House is what you want, then Waffle House you will get.

This newly wedded couple celebrated their special day with the greatest dessert design of days: a Waffle House inspired wedding cake.

The lovely breakfast loving couple. Photo by Emily Songer Photo. Cake by The Royal Cakery.

The beautiful couple is Hayes and Elizabeth Rivault. Northshore natives and recent graduates from LSU, these two tied the knot in New Orleans at The Chicory on July 27, 2019. Actually, Hayes and Elizabeth are high school sweethearts turned life partners. They’ve been dating since junior year of high school and have shared a love for breakfast food since the beginning.

Elizabeth said that Waffle House was a memorable part of their blooming relationship.

“Hayes and I went to Waffle House a lot in high school when we first became friends sophomore year,” said Mrs. Rivault. “There was one right by the school and we would go in the morning before class. We then started dating junior year and our breakfast hangouts became dates!”

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After graduating high school and heading off to college together, the Waffle House dates didn’t stop then. She says they probably go about twice a month now. You know, treat yo’ self.

In the spirit of their breakfast dates, the Rivault couple thought a fun grooms cake would break up the formality of their black tie wedding day. Obviously, it was a big hit.

Just look how happy that groom is! Photo by Emily Songer Photo. Cake by The Royal Cakery.

And, no, there are not waffles buried under all of that frosting for you to drown in syrup. That’s the grooms favorite: chocolate frosting on chocolate cake.

Of course, their wedding photos are beautiful (and delicious looking). The photos are so nice that the verified Waffle House Facebook account had to share them with its 706,000 followers.

Four hours after Waffle House shared the photos on Facebook, the post gained quite a bit of engagement. I mean, 1.3 thousand reactions, 267 comments and 294 shares would make me feel like I made it. But the social media sharing doesn’t end there.

Besides the still growing Facebook shares, the verified Waffle House Instagram posted the photos, as well. I guess the company knows good social content when it sees it. The engagement blew up again with 4,044 likes and 160 comments on the platform five hours after it posted.

Mrs. Rivault wants Waffle House to know how much she appreciates the breakfast diner.

“Thank you Waffle House for providing a spot for Hayes and I to enjoy each other’s company over a cup of coffee,” said Elizabeth.

Without fail, the couple enjoys a piping hot mug of black coffee at every visit. In the diner, Elizabeth gets the All Star plate or the Two Egg Breakfast with cheese eggs and extra hash browns. Her hubby almost always gets the Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Texas Melt with hash browns and gravy. With that in mind, I’m almost wondering if Waffle House does formal party catering?

Photo by Emily Songer Photo. Cake by The Royal Cakery.

While this grooms cake is incredibly entertaining, don’t let it steal the show. Two people who dearly love waffles and eggs joined forces to do life together. That’s worth congratulating and celebrating.

So, congrats Elizabeth and Hayes. I hope you have many years of drinking hot coffee together!