This Is THE No. 1 Burger Tip

We're all looking for that single great burger tip that will elevate our backyard game to a whole different level.

Is it in the season? Is it in the charcoal? Is it in the hand of the pit master? Just what IS the best burger tip a person can find?

Well look no further.  Our friends at the Neon Pig in Tupelo, Miss. — the same folks who produced what’s been called the “Best Burger in America” — have one great suggestion for the taking your burger game to the next level.

Hey, if you want to know how to make the best burger at home, you may as well go straight to the top.

Their advice might be simpler than you expect, but it’s still important.  Want the best burger possible?  Follow the advice in the above video.

And if that has you wanting a good burger (and you don’t feel like cooking), check out our list of some of the best burgers in Jackson!

Guide to the best burgers in Jackson