The WORST Halloween Candy

Trick-or-Treating is always fun, but what’s more fun is going home and dumping that bucket out to take a look at the treasure you scored. We have all had those thoughts as we are sorting through our candy- “I’ll give this to mom, she loves Almond Joys”, “I’ll trade this Twizzler for a Snickers at school tomorrow” and last but not least “Why would anyone give away such a monstrosity of a candy?!?!?!”.

Some aren’t a fan of chocolate, while others despise anything moderately gummy-like. But, what ranks as the all-time worst candy to get? took lists from BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, FoxNews, Houston Press, PlayBuzz, Bon Apetit and Business Insider for insights into what candy is the WORST candy to get on Halloween. With the lists from other sources along with surveying over 40,000 people, The Candy Store came up with definitive results as to THE WORST HALLOWEEN CANDY!Worst Halloween Candy

#10 Mary Janes- I can totally see where this bad mamma-jamma comes in at #10 because peanut butter is made for sandwiches and Reese Cups.

#9 Good & Plenty- I’m not even sure exactly what these are, but the internet is not a fan.

#8 Licorice- NOT TWIZZLERS. We are talking black, not sweet licorice.

#7 Smarties-  I’m not totally sure where this came from, because personally these were pretty much currency in elementary school. But, data is data!

#6 Tootsie Rolls- Flavored or not, these odd rolls of maybe chocolate are just about no ones favorites. BUT in contrast, Tootsie Pops are pretty popular. In fact, the pops typically rank in the top 10 most popular Halloween candies, coming in at #9 last year. These pops also ranked to be the #1 most popular Halloween candies in both Minnesota and Tennessee. So, add a layer of candy on top and we are all suddenly okay with this confection!

#5 Peanut Butter Kisses- Not Hershey’s Kisses nor Reese’s, (who both top the charts for being part of the top 10 best Halloween candies), but kind of a little of both. I feel like no one ever buys these, they just appear, so I completely understand why they made this list.

#4 Necco Wafers- Personally, I have never given these a shot because I ate enough chalk as a kid lol. But, the internet and it’s army all seem to agree that these chalk-candies are just about no one’s favorite.

#3 Wax Cola Bottles- These used to confuse me as a kid, and now I imagine they confuse more kids. Biting through wax to get a drop of sugar isn’t my favorite thing, so seeing them on the list doesn’t surprise me!

#2 Candy Corn- I used to think that there were only two types of people in this world. Those who enjoy candy corn and those who despise it. I have friends who will eat this stuff like it’s going out of style- by the handfuls and others that won’t even give this vegetable- sugar confection a chance. As for me, I’m the third type of person. I can eat a few a day and be good for the season. 

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And the #1 WORST Halloween Candy that the majority of us hate to see in our buckets isssss- Circus Peanuts! Saying something is the worst is pretty extreme, but so are the feelings people have in regards to this candy claiming that peanut butter and gummy just don’t mix well. – And I would have to agree with that!

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