The one where you can win $$$ for binge watching ‘Friends’

Are you maybe a little obsessed with the popular sitcom ‘Friends’? If so, this challenge is your cup of Central Perk coffee!

In honor of the 25th anniversary of ‘Friends’ debut, Frontier Bundles is looking for someone who knows what Chandler’s job is, how many sisters Joey has and just how important the word PIVOT is.

One lucky contestant will be chosen to watch 25 HOURS worth of the show (that equals about 60-ish episodes) before September 22nd!

They will be asked to live tweet their experience through all the episodes and tweet a photo when you finish the Friends marathon! If the candidate completes the tasks, they will receive not only $1000, but also some ‘Friends’ swag like a t-shirt, Central Perk mug, and even a 12-month Netflix subscription!

Applications are due September 3rd!

For more details and to apply click HERE!!!