Popeyes adds new Cajun fish sandwich to its menu nationwide

It’s been a little over a year since the uproar of the Popeyes chicken sandwich, and now, the company is rolling out another new sandwich in hopes of the same response. Starting Thursday, February 11, the Popeyes Cajun Flounder Sandwich will be available in restaurants and for delivery nationwide. 

Retailing for $4.49, the new sandwich features a Flounder fillet, topped with pickles, tarter sauce and served between the famous toasted butter brioche bun. 

Courtesy of Popeyes.com 

On release day, Popeyes is offering sandwich insurance, for an extra 15 cents, to anyone hesitant about the fish fillet. Basically, if you’re disappointed with the taste, you can trade it in for a chicken sandwich at no extra charge.

The Louisiana-founded company introduces this limited-time sandwich just days before the Lenten season. Consumers can order the fish sandwich as a meatless option on Fridays. For more information on Popeyes, click here.