Move over Popeyes and Chick-fil-A, these local fried chicken sandwiches may have you beat!

We understand that a good chicken sandwich on the go is hard to beat, but we also understand that sometimes you deserve a yummy chunk of fried chicken without all the rush that comes with fast-food. Check out this list of some of the fried chicken sandwiches we found, that you NEED to give a try!

Photo courtesy of @cozz_eats


“Spicy Chicken Sandwich”

This chicken sandwich will run you $11, and you can find it in Fondren right here in the metro!

Here is the description: Mississippi Fried Chicken / Barrelhouse sauce / house pickles / shredded lettuce on Gil’s bun

Full menu here!

Lou's Full-Serv


This ‘must have’ is $13 at Lou’s Full-Serv in Belhaven. You can even get a ‘buffaLou’ style for $2 extra!

Here is the description of this delectable treat: Crispy Thigh / Comeback / Pickles

Full menu here!

Saltine Restaurant

“Comeback Chicken Sandwich”

The comeback sandwich is $11 and is served up at Saltine on Duling Avenue in Fondren!

Here is the description: Buttermilk & pickled-brined fried chicken breast / pickles / comeback slaw and a side of fries

Full menu here!

Ariella's NY Delicatessen

“Better than Popeyes” Chicken Sandwich”

This bad boy can be yours for $11 and includes a side of battered fries from Ariella’s NY Delicatessen in Cultivation Food Hall.

*available for a limited time!!!*

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10 South Rooftop Bar & Grill

“That Famous Fried Chicken Sandwich”

This delicious sandwich can be yours for $13 from 10 South Rooftop Bar & Grill in Vicksburg.

Here is the description: Pepper Jack Cheese / Candied Bacon / Maple-Chili Glaze


Full menu here!

Fine and Dandy

“Grandma Chíck”

This yummy looking sammy comes with ‘potatos’ and can be yours for $11.9

Here is the sandwich description: Pickle brined fried chicken cutlet / Duke’s mayo / pickles

Full menu here!