More people are eating at this restaurant every night than live in the town

The Southern Weekend explores why folks from Oxford, MS drive 10 miles into the country for a bite to eat

Taylor, Mississippi is a small town. It’s got a population of around 300. And then there’s Taylor Grocery, the local restaurant serving up to 400 people every night in a dining room that seats around 90, at best.

So what are they all coming for? We just had to find out.

Anyone living in Oxford who makes the 10-mile drive into the country just to eat will tell you, they’re going for something good.

“We have a good clientele first that knows where we are,” said Lynn Hewlett, the owner. “And then a lot of people follow them down here.”

But what does it all start with? The catfish.

According to Hewlett, they’re serving up some of the best catfish in the world.

It’s Mississippi pond catfish, right out of the Mississippi Delta.

It’s not the catfish your grandparents knew about.

And they aren’t new to the idea.

Taylor Grocery has always been a country store, selling catfish on the weekends.

Before Hewlett took over, it was owned by someone he’d known his entire life.

And when she sold it to him, he brought in some tables and the rest is history.

If you’re thinking of stopping by, you better plan ahead.

The restaurant opens at 5 p.m., but it’s first come, first served. And you won’t find a reservation list here.

U.S. senators have to sit on the porch and wait just like the loggers or the school teachers from down the road.

The fare they’re offering up is truly Southern. And the experience¬†matches.