Mississippians Go to Google for Advice!

Going to Google for Advice?

Americans love their Google- so much that they go to it for not only simple answers but also life advice on some pretty big, serious decisions.

Us Mississippians are no different. The top googled “should I” question in MS this year was “Should I lose weight?”. Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Wisconsin all had the same top googled question. Looks like our good ol’ southern cooking may be catching up to us..

But, we aren’t the only ones going to Google for appearance, body or health advice. Other states googled things like “Should I diet?”, “Should I take vitamins?”, “Should I cut my hair?”, and my personal favorite that is always a YES from me- “Should I take a nap?”


sleepy state
(Source: All Home Connections)

According to ‘All Home Connections’, all the great food we have may have us asking about our health here in Mississippi . They took to Google Trends to find each state’s most searched “Should I” question.

AT&T shared that “Using Google autocomplete, we looked at over 100 of the most popular Google search queries that start with the phrase “Should I…”. From there, we found the most distinct search for every state using Google trends data from the past year. ”

Find a complete list of the most searched questions here.

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