Guide to Madison: Vasilios

It's hard to beat southern cooking, but Madison has restaurants for whatever you're in the mood for.

“I mean, it’s part of us – It’s part of our culture,” said Anastasia Nikolis. “That’s where we come from and that’s what we learned to eat.”

In 1982 Anastasia Nikolis met her husband on a Greek Island and nearly two decades later- they opened Vasilios Greek Restaurant in Madison Mississippi.

We got to sit down with Anastasia and talk about what she enjoys about being in the restaurant business. She told us that it’s the regulars and new customers that keep her work fun.

“I like to talk to the people and they like to talk to me,” added Nikolis. “It’s kinda like a family restaurant.”

From Greece all the way to Madison Mississippi- Anastasia brought her love for people along with her wonderful cooking!

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