Gobble, Gobble, Google!

What is our state googling
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Have you ever gone to Google something and it shows you that obviously you’re not the only one wondering the same thing?!

With Thanksgiving coming in hot, it’s no surprise that tons of people across the country are looking up yummy recipes, ideas for their family get-togethers, and–as you can see from the map above– all kinds of Thanksgiving themed questions!

Mississippians, along with our neighbors in Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma are googling the mess out of “Pecan Pie”. And, I’m not mad because whether you say “pee-can” or “pi-cahn”- what kind of Thanksgiving supper would be complete without this wonderful, sweet and yummy pie?

I think my favorite Thanksgiving Google question is about “Turkey Bowling”- please, I beg you to Google this because yes it is actually bowling with a turkey.

Some states are interested in events like The “Macy’s Parade” in New York, “Turkey Trot” (a 5k) in West Virginia, “NFL on Thanksgiving Day” in Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, North Dakota and Rhode Island.

For some reason, Missouri is worried about Canadian Thanksgiving, and three of the original British colonies — New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Viriginia — are all wondering if our friends in England are celebrating Turkey Day.

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