Local artist auctioning off CATS painting; proceeds going to animal welfare program

Local artist, Azha Sanders, is auctioning off one of her CATS painting THIS —. The proceeds of the painting will be going to animal welfare program- The Big Fix Clinic.

Sanders shares what the play means to her and why she wanted to get involved.

My mom had to rent the Cats Musical VHS tape of the musical for me over and over when I was a kid because I loved it so much.  Always enthralled by the whimsical joy of Cats, I fell in love even more after seeing it live for the first time at Thalia Mara Hall several years ago. This past August my fiancé took me to see the production in Atlanta.  He is a fan of the musical as well, so it was a very special moment for us to share together.  

When I heard that Cats was coming back to Thalia Mara Hall, I immediately craved to be involved in any way possible, in excess of attending the performance.” 


Sanders then contacted a few of the performers from the production in Atlanta for their permission to be painted. And, in Jellicle Cat fashion, they agreed and sent over photos to use as reference.

“Painting portraits of these two iconic characters and then sharing them with the local community has brought me an outstanding amount of happiness.”

And why The Big Fix as your animal group of choice?

To care for animals is to strive for every companion to be in a loving home. The reality is that countless animals are condemned to live feral, neglected, and homeless. Spay and neuter operations are one of the most effective tools we have at our disposal to stop the overpopulation crisis and reduce the need to euthanize animals in shelters. 

MS spay and neuter’s goal is to end pet overpopulation in Mississippi while engaging the community through education. My hope is that these paintings bring awareness to their cause, which I wholeheartedly support.”