Is it pronounced JIF or GIF? The peanut butter brand takes up the serious debate

How do you pronounce GIF? How about Jif? Well, if you pronounce these two words the same way, then a peanut butter brand might have a bone to pick with you.

Jif peanut butter and GIPHY, a website of shareable animated looping images called GIFs, teamed up to settle the internet debate: How do you pronounce GIF?

The Jif X GIPHY collab released a limited edition peanut butter jar to make their take on the pronunciation a little clearer.

Photo courtesy of Jif x GIPHY (Amazon)

The jar’s label still shows off the peanut butter brand’s traditional red, blue and green stripes. However, one side of the label reads “Jif, creamy peanut butter soft G pronunciation.” And, the other side reads, “Gif, animated looping images hard G pronunciation.”

So, I guess that puts a lid on the argument, according to Jif X GIPHY.

The limited edition peanut butter jar was available on Amazon for $10. Now, it is sold out.

“Perfect for sandwiches, baking, and shutting down internet debates,” reads the Amazon product description.

The jar also contains about 34 servings of peanut butter and zero looping images.

The collaboration hopes to set the record straight, one jar at a time.

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