#GetGlistered with Galexie Glister

Galexie Glister started in a unique way, and has blossomed into a shining business! Founder and Belhaven native, Carlie Hogan shares her story in the video above!

Carlie shares that Galexie Glister is “a cosmetic-grade glitter gel for hair, face and body”.

This glitter comes in roughly THIRTY different colors. AND a custom color was even made for the Dallas Cowboys to sell in their gift shop. Each tub costs $13. (My personal favorite- Mermaid Scales or Paris Nights… still haven’t decided!)

In just over a year and a half, Galexie can be found in some pretty well-known publications like Allure, NBC’s The Voice, New York Post and Cosmopolitan online.

This glitter isn’t your typical “gets everywhere and somehow lingers for months afterwards” glitter. It stays on and it washes off with a little water and soap. You can even flip the little tub upside down and it sticks like a Dairy Queen Blizzard.

To check out all the glister colors and more of Galexie’s products head over to GalexieGlister.com OR follow them on Instagram at @GalexieGlister !