Get paid to watch true crime documentaries!

Obesesed with true crime shows? You could get paid to watch them! Magellan TV is hosting their 2nd Annual True Crime Watch Dream Job. If selected, you will get paid $2400 to binge watch 24 hours of True Crime. Imagine getting paid $100 dollars an hour to do something you love! Last year, they hired one person who got paid $1000. This year, they’ve expanded and are looking for 3 people who will each get paid $2400. If you get the job, and complete it, you’ll receive a 1-year membership to MagellanTV in addition to the cash!

The ideal candidates are those who live for true crime. People who can handle the most menacing serial killer, the goriest details and won’t flinch at the chilling paranormal. Is that you? You’ll also need to be plugged into social media so you can document your True Crime all-nighter for others to see if you make it.

Below is the list of what you’ll be watching. If you’re a fan of True Crime, you’ve probably already familiar with some of these infamous true stories.

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