Find your new love with help from your refrigerator

Olive you from my head tomatoes!

Dating apps are a dime a dozen(eggs), but a new app has hit the market where the inside is all that counts.

Refrigerdating is a service that helps you to find love based on the content of your fridge

It might sound cheesy, but Refrigerdating, unlike traditional apps such as Tinder and Bumble, will help Kraft singles find their soulmate based on the contents of their refrigerator.

It works just like Tinder. You upload a photo of the inside of your fridge, letting “the world know what kind of person you are,” enter your name, age, gender, and city. Then type in the gender and age ranges of those you are interested in dating. Add a short bio and now you can swipe right to say “Let’s get cooking” or left to say “Not my taste”.

If you are a steak and potatoes kind of person and you can’t stand the sight of something green, when you stumble across a fridge loaded with fruits and veggies, you know you might not make the perfect pear. You should keep an open mind though! If their fridge style completely differs from yours, at least you know they won’t eat all your food! 😉

“Don’t narrow it down to fridges looking just like yours,” says the Refrigerdating website. “Remember it’s the unexpected mixes that make the three-star restaurants.”

The idea for the app was inspired by a popular subreddit Fridge Detective, but in reality, the app from Samsung is a ploy to sell Samsung refrigerators with a camera inside so you can see what’s in your fridge without actually opening the door.

Samsung does offer some dating tips so each user can find their perfect match. Don’t cheat and style your fridge. The electronics company says “if this is to work, it needs to be the real thing. Cheating and relationships don’t go together well.”

They also offer pickup lines such as: “Hey, love that spicy taco sauce, makes me think of my exchange semester in Mexico.”

But we think that’s a big kale no. We suggest going with something like: “You look radishing tonight.” Just don’t go bacon any hearts.

Hopefully, you can find someone that grabs a pizza your heart and you can love a waffle lot.

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