Exploring the National Civil War Naval Museum

Discover the Navy's role in the Civil War.

Some may know Columbus, Georgia for its whitewater rafting and delicious food, but the city itself is so much more. With Fort Benning nearby, many men and women in the armed forces call Columbus home. And so does the National Civil War Naval Museum.

Although the ocean is 200 miles away, Columbus is a great location for this naval museum. Columbus sits along the Chattahoochee River, which empties into the Gulf of Mexico. This made it a major thoroughfare for moving a large number of troops or cargo during the Civil War.

As Brandon Gilland, Director of Education at the National Civil War Naval Museum explains it, the Chattahoochee was “basically the superhighway system during the Civil War.”

While most ships did not survive the Civil War, the museum is home to the remains of two: The CSS Jackson and the CSS Chattahoochee. Both ships, along with models of the USS Hartford, USS Monitor, and CSS Albermarle are all on display.

Guests can also get a look at the museum’s massive Civil War era flag collection, artifacts, and other walk-through exhibits.

The Southern Weekend was invited to the National Civil War Naval Museum, where host Molly McKinney was led on a tour through history.

This video is sponsored by the National Civil War Naval Museum.

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