Dairy Queen delivering summer fun with subscription boxes

Dairy Queen will deliver joy to the doorsteps of families across the country with the launch of Box of Happy – a first of its kind, experience-centric subscription box filled with hands-on fun.

Dairy Queen Box of Happy

Fans can sign up at DQBoxofHappy.com to receive three months of summer-themed kits, each bringing to life a quintessential seasonal activity with a delicious twist.

DQ fans can get all three boxes – from June through August – for $45, while supplies last. A three-month subscription includes a total of $30 in DQ gift cards, so families can explore the NEW Blizzard® Treat flavors with their monthly deliveries.

“Families create and savor sweet memories whenever they visit a DQ store,” Hokanson continued. “Box of Happy extends this delightful experience outside of our restaurants, bringing families together over campfires, road trips and more – experiences that shape the season just as much as enjoying soft-serve in the sunshine.”

Each month’s Box of Happy will provide families with an experience focused on a classic summer activity.

June: Camp-In Box

The Camp-In Box is designed for families to explore the great outdoors in the comfort of their own living room with a box full of the happiest indoor camping gear on earth, including:

  • A built-in, faux, non-flammable campfire designed to work with a smartphone to create a warm glow and crackling sounds of a real summer bonfire.
  • A DQCamp-In Shadow Puppet Storybook and two flashlights, to create handmade critters and imagine stories with kids, parents and friends alike.
  • A $10 DQ gift card to try the June Blizzard of the Month
  • More camp-in fun!

Dairy Queen Box of Happy

July: Water Park Box

July’s box will allow fans to turn their front yards into a water park with a collection of fun, joy-filled water games, and challenges for the entire family, including:

  • A waterproof box that opens to reveal a built-in, twisting sprinkler
  • A Splashdown activity booklet full of water-fueled outdoor games
  • A $10 DQ gift card to try the July Blizzard of the Month
  • More waterpark-inspired fun!

August: Road Trip Box

Near or far, the Road Trip Box aims to make fans’ journeys as happy as the destination with supplies for their next family adventure, including:

  • A built-in smartphone camcorder case to capture smiles on the go
  • An original “Memory Maker” card set with prompts of what to capture along your journey
  • A $10 DQ gift card to try the August Blizzard of the Month
  • More road trip fun!

Although Box of Happy shipments are limited to the first lucky fans who can snag one of the three-month subscriptions, special elements from each kit will be available to the public during the first week of each month.

For more information about the DQ system, visit DairyQueen.com and connect with the DQ system on social media using @DairyQueen and #HappyTastesGood.

Dairy Queen is also celebrating summer with their BLIZZARD FLIGHTS! You need to try this!

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