Card Games to Make You an Ace at a Party

If you’re looking for something to do one day without the computer, bring your friends or family together for a Card Games Party. Note that some of these games may not be appropriate for children.

Standard Deck of Card Games

So many games can be played using a standard deck of cards.
Some of the more familiar ones include…
Crazy 8s
Gin Rummy
Go Fish
For a different game try “52 Hunt.” Someone hides all 52 cards around a location. Those who play will have to hunt and collect as many cards as they can. Each card is worth a point and bonus points are added if you can collect all of one card suit and/or find all of one value of card (finding all the Jacks).

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Cards Against Humanity

Billed as a party game for horrible people, it takes political incorrectness to new heights. Players use their white answer cards to fill-in-the-blanks of a black card presented by a “Card Czar.” The Czar decides who has the best answer and wins the point. This game has led to many socially awkward parties and embarrassing situations yet demand for this game has led to multiple expansion packs.  There’s a free download version on their website.

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A true family fun game. Uno has evolved over the decades with theme decks, Braille, and even a non-partisan version. Be creative with the rules (compounding Wild Draw Fours can be pretty brutal). Don’t forget to scream out “UNO!” when you reach your last card.

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How about a card game where you can’t see your own cards! Every player must work together to play ‘fireworks’ cards into rows of similar colors and numbers. But watch out for the lightning tokens. They can end the game before you’ve completed a fireworks set.

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Magic the Gathering

What started in 1993 as a trading card game has now blossomed in computer, smartphone and more virtual games with over 20 million players. Cast your spells and summon creatures to help knock out your opponents life points. The richly drawn artwork are almost collector pieces themselves.

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Exploding Kittens

Who doesn’t want to play a game where there are magical enchiladas, Tacocats and catnip sandwiches to name a few? The premise is simple, draw a card and hope that it is not an exploding kitten. Find those and you are out of the game. But many other cards exist to help you avoid the dreaded Exploding Kitten cards.

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