Brent’s named ‘Best Place to get a Milkshake’ in Mississippi!

USA TODAY created a list of the best places to grab a milkshake in each state. Mississippi’s just so happens to be our very own Brent’s Drugs!

Brent’s can be found in the heart of Fondren.

Even though they have a handful of delicious shakes already on the menu, you can add just about any ingredient you can think of to create your own personal masterpiece! Check out what they are serving up at their ‘soda fountain’ here:


Milkshakes aren’t the only yummy thing Brent’s is serving up, their Brent’s burger is a local favorite! Check out their full menu HERE!

Check out a short history of Brent’s Drugs:

In October of 1946, Pharmacist Alvin Brent opened Brent’s Drugs. The old Brent’s Drugs was home to a pharmacy and a soda fountain. It was a gathering place for friends, families and visitors passing through the city of Jackson. 

According to their website: “Brent owned and ran the pharmacy until he sold it in 1977 to pharmacists Paul Heflin and Bob Grantham, who had worked at Brent’s since 1951. Pharmacist Randy Calvert acquired Brent’s in 1995 and sold the pharmacy business in April 2009. Fondren resident Brad Reeves obtained a pharmacy-free Brent’s in July 2009. In order to comply with city regulations, the kitchen was moved to the former pharmacy. In 2014, Brent’s owners took on a renovation, bringing Brent’s to the modern age while keeping its beloved charm. The soda fountain and classic bar stools remain in the original 1946 location and are still a gathering place for friends and neighbors alike.”

Today, decades after originally opening, Brent’s is still serving up yummy food and delicious milkshakes! And, if you have ever tried one, you will understand why their milkshakes are deemed the best in the state. AND, if you hang around the restaurant long enough, you will learn that they actually have a speakeasy found in the back! The bar is named Apothecary. 


Brent’s even has seasonal milkshakes like King Cake and Easter:

Celebrate Mardi Gras with Brent’s King Cake Milkshake!!

Celebrate Easter with Brent’s Cadbury Egg Milkshake