Bigfoot in Mississippi

Mississippians talk with Walt Grayson about times they've spotted Bigfoot. Bigfoot hunters on the show, Finding Bigfoot, stopped in Mississippi as they make their way around the country.

Sneaky and smart is how some people describe the for-now mythical creature of Bigfoot. But, how do so many people claim to have seem the same thing if it doesn’t exist? Is the mind really that powerful?

Bigfoot hunters on the show, Finding Bigfoot, stopped in Mississippi as they make their way around the country.

“Yea, this is the first time the team has been in Mississippi. It’s one of the last six states we haven’t been to yet,” says producer Bo-Bo Fay.

Plenty of folks here have Bigfoot stories, some first hand. Jody Nichols saw one while he was deer hunting one morning.

“It had walked up right behind a tree I was sitting up against. I saw the shadow on the ground and I jumped away from the tree and when I did, I mean it was standing there from me to this gentleman here.”

Is Bigfoot real? To some- heck no! But, to many- oh yes. Proving Bigfoot is real is difficult for a number of reasons, but if there is no bigfoot, what are all these people seeing?

What IS out there in the night? Beyond where you can see, but where you can certainly hear? Is it the just imagination that fills in the blanks? Or is there something really out there? Ranae Holland is a research biologist on the show.

“I think it speaks to the human psyche, fear of the unknown. Every culture has some story of a wild man in the woods. The question becomes is there a real biological undiscovered species out there, or not. I’m fascinated by it. I want to know. That’s why I keep doing this.”

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) holds Town Hall meetings as well as Bigfoot Expeditions that are open to members and non-members. The expeditions are to teach people how to identity habitat areas and show how these animals live and operate.

Here is the list of the 2018-2019 expeditions:

North Georgia Area- October 4- 7th 2018

Kentucky- October 18-21st 2018

Missouri- October 25-28th 2018

Southern Ohio- June 6-9th 2019

Washington- June 6-9th 2019

New Mexico- June 13-16th 2019

Washington- July 18-21st 2019

Washington- August 8-11th 2019

British Columbia- September 5-8th 2019

for more info on each expedition check here! 

If you or a loved one spots a Bigfoot, you can report it to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization here.