Amazing new program at local shelter lets community “Check a dog out”

Symphonie Privett decided to head over to Jackson shelter ARF and try out their “Check out a dog” program! 🐶

Ever wanted a running or park buddy for a few hours but can’t commit to having a dog of your own?

Animal Rescue Fund in Mississippi has the PERFECT solution that not only benefits you, but also an adorable shelter pup!

They are offering a new program where the community can “Check a Dog Out” and take them to Cups Espresso Cafe with you for a few hours of studying. Or take them to Hollywood Feed for a fun outing!

All you have to do is come and get registered at the shelter! (basically just fill out a short form and some paperwork!) Then the shelter will match you with the cutest buddy.

(The shelter’s address is 395 Mayes St. in Jackson)

Whenever you have 30 minutes or more, you can come check out “your” rescue pup and take them out for a fun outing!

ARF says this program will help give adoptable dogs outside stimulation, expose them to more people and hopefully help them meet their potential home!

The dogs LOVE these kinds of outings! It helps them learn how to interact with the outside world and get used to being out of a shelter environment.

If you want more information on this program, you can email ARF at or you can set up an appointment to find your new best friend!