3 Secrets to Baking Decadent Cheesecake

Assassinate your craving for a sweet treat

If only every day could be cheesecake day. For some, like the self-proclaimed Cheesecake Ninja, that is actually a reality. He spends most days assassinating southeast Missouri’s cravings for a sweet treat one miniature cheesecake at a time. Of course, our friends at Heartland Weekend, are a tad bit jealous. Thankfully, we were able to sit down with the Cheesecake Ninja to find out what makes his cheesecake cups stand out above the rest and pry some secrets for baking delicious cheesecakes.

cheesecake baking secrets

Secret No. 1

Greg Franklin, also known as the Cheesecake Ninja, says the most important tip is to use room temperature ingredients.

That means you don’t want to begin whisking a brick of cream cheese you just pulled out of the fridge.

That also includes your butter, sour cream and eggs.

Secret No. 2

Typically, baking a full cheesecake is an all-day event.

You have to whip it up, bake it and let it cool, taking up anywhere from 6 to 7 hours.

That is why Mr. Franklin makes miniature cheesecake cups.

He fills the bottoms of a muffin tin with the crust, scoops the batter on top and pops them in the oven.

Since they’re smaller in size they only need about a fourth of the time to cook, and cool.

This process takes only about 3 hours, leaving you more time to fill your Heartland Weekend.

Secret No. 3

Most recipes tell you to bake your cheesecake at a temperature ranging from 300 to 350 degrees.

But Franklin says low and slow(er) is better.

He sets his oven at 275 degrees.

Bad news: the Cheesecake Ninja would not give us his secret recipe… and we don’t blame him!

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