Great Sizzling Summer Burgers: Stamps Super Burger vs. The Trace Grill


You nominated 8 restaurants with great sizzling summer burgers in Mississippi: The Trace Grill, Crooked Letter Kitchen, LPF Southern Kitchen, Mugshots Bar and Grill, Bulldog Burger Co., Stamps Super Burgers, and Not Just a Burger.

You voted round after round and we made it to our final 2 : Stamps Super Burgers vs. The Trace Grill!

Stamps Super Burgers has been apart of the Jackson community since 1970. Phil Jr.’s grandfather started the business and they have kept it in the family ever since.

The Trace Grill was founded by the Thompson family in 1999, and is a family owned staple in Ridgeland to this day.

Stephen Thompson with The Trace Grill, and Phil Jr. with Stamps Super Burgers came in our studio to talk about their business, and show off some of their best burgers.

Thank you to all restaurants who voted, got involved on social media, and participated in our Great Sizzling Summer Burger Competition sponsored by the Mississippi Beef Council!