Live on the Block at One Block East


One Block East is known for their live music, good food, strong drinks, and fun vibe!

You’re able to come just as you are...One of our slogans is it’s a cool place for cool people!

—  Nikki Brent - One Block East Manager

One Block East has been a staple in Jackson for almost two years. They put an emphasis on supporting local business, and local artists, so Live on the Block was born!

Live on the Block is a monthly block party with Jay Morris Group. This month you can expect to hear live music from Mr. Jones, Larry Milton, Adrena, and Iamstarr.

To me block parties are that opportunity where you come to get your lawn chairs you’re able to be with your families and your friends. You’re able to listen to your music, have your barbeque your crawfish…

—  Nikki Brent - One Block East Manager

Live on the Block is Saturday, June 11th at One Block East: 642 Tombigbee Street , Jackson, MS. Doors open at 3pm and the show starts at 6pm. You can purchase tickets here.

Vendors are welcome at all events at One Block East. For more information on becoming a vendor, you can reach out to Nikki on Instagram.

That family feel…In order to make Mississippi great again you have to you have to contribute to your businesses. So we have to make sure that we keep the money circulating within Mississippi not just our own.

—  Nikki Brent - One Block East Manager