Chef Nick Wallace on his Experiences on Bravo’s Top Chef


Executive Chef Nick Wallace has been voted Jackson’s best chef for four years in a row, now he has taken things to a new level on season 19 of Bravo’s Top Chef Houston.

Top Chef is in a world of their own and I love it. You get a lot of cool ways to highlight your food. We just needed that light push on Mississippi... now the door is open.

—  Executive Chef Nick Wallace

Chef Nick has been apart of the TV scene since 2013. He’s earned the title of Food Network’s Chopped Champion, and Firemasters Champion. This year he made it to the final five on Bravo’s Top Chef Houston!

He earned $35,000 in prize money by winning numerous challenges within the show. After making all that “dough”, he became known as the Mississippi Baker by his fellow cheftestants.

Today Chef Nick Wallace is in Hollywood for the premier of Jurassic World: Dominion!

Nick Wallace, Evelyn Garcia, and Jackson Kalb got to attend the world premier after winning the elimination round in episode 7: Swallow the Competition.

You can taste some amazing food by Chef Nick Tuesday - Sunday at the Nissan Café by Nick Wallace inside the Two Mississippi Museums.