5 New Shows are Coming to Broadway in Jackson

Here’s what you can expect!

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Broadway in Jackson just released their 2022- 2023 shows, and one of the funniest musicals of all time is making its debut in the Magnolia State.

You can look forward to Straight No Chaser, Cirque Dreams Holidaze, Legally Blonde, The Book of Mormon, and Annie coming to Thalia Mara Hall!

Broadway in Jackson is kicking things off Friday, November 11th at Thalia Mara Hall with Straight No Chaser. This acapella group started in 1966 at Indiana University, now they’re celebrating their 25th anniversary! You might have seen their performance of Twelve Days of Christmas on YouTube which lead to them being signed to Atlantic records.

Cirque Dreams Holidaze will be at Thalia Mara Hall on Sunday, December 11th. This feel good show will remind you of the importance of family, especially during the holiday season. Filled with music, and acrobatic performances, this show is sure to keep the kids and adults entertained.

Legally Blonde is coming to Thalia Mara Hall on Tuesday, January 17th and... Omigod You Guys! Elle Woods, the lawyer we all know and love is singing a new tune. This classic story was reimagined for Broadway in 2007, based on the novel turned film that is iconic to this day.

The Book of Mormon is known and loved across the world. Known as one of the funniest musicals of all time, The Book of Mormon makes its debut in Mississippi on Friday, April 28th. This musical comedy pokes fun at the practices in some traditional Mormon churches, while emphasizing the importance of love and service.

Annie’s hard knock life is coming to Thalia Mara Hall on Wednesday, May 3rd. We’ve seen countless versions of this classic tale. But the our love of orphan Annie always stays the same!