In the Kitchen with Martin’s Downtown


We’re kicking things off In the Kitchen with Martin’s Downtown ! Owner, Joseph walks us through some of their most popular dishes on the menu: Calvin’s Steak Bites, and Deluxe Fried Green Tomatoes!

Martin’s Downtown has been serving Jackson since 1953. It’s original owner Martin Lassiter opened their doors in 1953, and things have been non stop ever since! In 1997, Calvin Stodghill bought the bar after Martin became ill. Martin wanted to “keep it in the family” so he went into business with Calvin who was a regular and friend.

Joseph took over as the owner of Martin’s Downtown in 2012, after his father passed, and has kept their traditions and legacy going strong!

The first time I ever came in Martin’s I was about 8 or 9 years old. So I knew Mr. Martin well...really made some life long relationships here throughout the years.

—  Joseph Stodghill