Anisa Sakile learns how to peel Crawfish

A lesson from the professionals at Crawdad Hole!


Kevin Green has been apart of the Crawdad Hole family for the last 16 years. He says when it comes to peeling crawfish, it’s all about your own technique.

I always tell em there’s no right way or wrong way to do it. But either you learn hungry, or you gon learn and be full.

—  Kevin Green - Crawdad Hole

One thing’s for sure- you don’t come to Crawdad Hole to leave hungry! And one customer vising from Louisiana says there is only one way to do it right.

Open it up, take the meat out the tail, suck it up, then you suck the head.

—  Crawdad Hole Customer

The Owner of Crawdad Hole, Scott Wesson gave some tips on how to peel crawfish quickly, and get the most meat... but not before showing off a little!

True professionals take it off, grab it with your teeth.

—  Scott Wesson - Crawdad Hole Owner

He cleaned all the tail and claw meat out of each crawfish he peeled. Making him the perfect guy to teach us how to peel crawfish and leave full.