The Slap Stole the Show at the 94th Academy Awards


The Oscars are all about the actors, the dresses, the awards, the movies, and now...the slap! You can’t talk about the star studded evening without bringing up thee slap between Chris Rock and Will Smith.

Rock was roasting the audience before presenting the award for documentary feature when he compared Jada Pinkett Smith’s look to G.I Jane. Pinkett Smith suffers from Alopecia, a condition that disproportionately impacts African American women. After Rocks remarks, Will Smith got on stage and slapped him across the face on live television, leaving many to wonder if it was even real.

Rock was stunned, and said “Will Smith just slapped the s*** out of me” before announcing the nominees. The chaos wasn’t all bad for the Oscars though. According to early data from Neilsen, 15 million people were watching the Oscars when the slap went down, and even more tuned in after, to find out if Smith would win the Oscar.

When the time came around crown best actor, Will Smith took home the gold. Anyone who thought the whole thing was a sham, probably changed their minds after his acceptance speech. Smith was filled with emotion and even compared his protective behavior to the William’s father, the role he portrayed in King Richard. Smith also apologized to the Academy in his speech, saying he’s hopeful they will invite him back.

Later, Smith took to Instagram to apologize to Chris Rock tagging him in the post. He also apologized to the Williams Family, and his King Richard family, saying that he deeply regrets his behavior, and that he is a work in progress.

Wanda Sykes, one of the hosts of this years Academy Awards broke her silence today on the Ellen Show. She recalled being in the middle of a wardrobe change when the slap occurred. Wanda said that she, Regina Hall, and Amy Schumer worked really hard on the show and that they have not received a formal apology.

I just felt so awful for my friend Chris... it was sickening.

—  Wanda Sykes

Wanda feels that Will Smith should have been removed from the award ceremony after he slapped Chris Rock. Claiming that the Academy sent the wrong message to everyone watching.

Wanda said after the Oscars, she saw Chris Rock at an afterparty and the first thing he said to her was “I’m so sorry... this was supposed to be your night. You, Amy, and Regina did such a great job... I’m so sorry this is now gonna be about this.”

They say no publicity is bad publicity and that is definitely true for Chris Rock at least. His Ego Death World Tour sales have skyrocketed since the Oscars. The impact the slap will have on Will Smith’s career is still to be determined. But one thing’s for sure- people are will be talking about this slap for a longgg time!

Pinkett Smith hosts a Facebook show called Red Table Talk where Will appeared last year to discuss rumors circulating about their marriage. If there was a Red Table Talk about the slap at the Oscars, I’m sure that show would pull in record breaking numbers!