Where to Buy a King Cake in Jackson!

Carnival Season is here- and what better way to celebrate than with a King Cake!

Broad Street Bakery

Broad Street Baking Company & Cafe is now serving up King Cakes in THREE flavors. The cakes are all made by hand and “baked with buttery brioche dough”. The cakes will run you $26.95 – $36.95 depending on which flavor you get! You can order and purchase the cakes in store, over the phone at (601) 362-2900 or online at BroadStBakery.com  

Flavors include:

  • Almond-Cream Cheese: Available January 6th- February 25th!
  • Traditional Cinnamon: Available January 10th- February 25th
  • Savory Crawfish Dip: Available January 10th until supplies run out!

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Campbell's Bakery

These cakes are made from scratch daily! You can pre-order by calling (601) 362-4628, or just walk in and pick one up! These yummy cakes range from $19-$23.99 and come in a number of flavors! *Ready for pick up Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest*

Flavors include:

  • Traditional
  • Cream Cheese
  • Pecan Praline
  • Cream Cheese & Fruit (Apple, Strawberry or Blueberry)
  • Chocolate filled *NEW*



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Campbell's Craft Donuts!


YES, You read that correctly! Local Baker, caker extraordinaire- Campbell’s is cooking up King Cake donuts this Mardi Gras season!

They will be serving these up January 9th!

“They will be a filled doughnut. Filled with our cinnamon and cream cheese filling and then topped with the different color sugar like a traditional king cake.”

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La Brioche

“It’s made up of 7 individual Brioche buns stuffed with cream cheese and cinnamon and baked together, then they are drizzled with icing and Carnival-colored sugar. You can leave them as a full cake to cut or just pull them apart!”

They are $26 each and are available for pre-order NOW online HERE!

(They will be available for pickup from Friday, January 17th through Tuesday, February 25th. Order today for pickup! Please note that all orders must be placed 3 business days in advance.)

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Sugar Magnolia Takery

Sugar Magnolia is whipping out there first batch of King Cakes that are available for pick-up NOW! The cakes can be purchased online (Order Here), calling at (601) 992-8110 or by simply swinging by and picking one up!

They come in three sizes- small ($17) serving around 5 people, regular($27)- which has about 20 servings and large($54) that serves 40-50 people.

Flavors include:

  • Praline Pecan
  • Regular Cinnamon
  • Chocolate Bavarian
  • Fruit Filled (Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, lemon, apple and more!)

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AND If you are ballin’ on a budget this Carnival Season, Kroger has your King Cake needs covered! At the Kroger off I55, they have the traditional cinnamon King Cakes for low price of only $3.99! Not all Kroger Bakeries are serving up this treat, so make sure you call before you head there!