Volunteers needed for Mississippi Championship Hot Air Balloon Race

This will be the 34th year for the Mississippi Championship Hot Air Balloon Race. People have come as far as England to the festival.

It helps the local economy in Madison County as part of the festival is held in Ridgeland and Canton.

This year, there will be 21 pilots competing for prizes and bragging rights.

Some pilots bring their own crew, but festival organizers like to provide extra people. That's why they're asking for volunteers.

If you're interested, the Executive Director of Canton Tourism explains exactly what you will be doing.

"You get to know the pilot. He teaches you his balloon because each balloon is different. He'll teach you how to unpack his balloon and how to set his balloon up," said Jana Dear. "Then, what the fun part to me is, you jump in a van and chase that balloon, because you never know which way it's going to go according to the wind. You follow that balloon. Once he lands, you go catch him, and you lower the balloon down and go pack it up."

To volunteer, call 601-859-1307 or go to Canton Tourism's website and fill out a form. You won't get paid, but you might get a ride in the Hot Air Balloon. 

The festival is July 4-7.

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