Treat your best doggo friend with some Good Boy Dog Beer!

Dog parties just got more interesting!

Let’s be honest- we have all seen a dog sneak a lick of a beer or be the first to the clean-up site after a cold one has been spilled.

Now, your pup can sit back and have a cold one!

Houston bar owners Megan and Steven Long are caring pet owners. They know their dogs have sensitive tummies, foods that are safe for human consumption can be toxic for them.

Rocky, the Long’s 9-year old Rottweiler, is especially sensitive and suffers from allergies but he pulls out those doggy eyes whenever the Long’s eat or drink anything! Since they were already crafting their own dog treats for the sensitive guy, why not doggie beer too?!

Thus, Good Boy Dog Beer was born!

There are 4 Fido- approved flavors including:

  • IPA A Lot in the Yard, pork based and seasoned with turmeric,basil, mint, fennel, ginger, and celery.
  • Crotch Sniffin’ Ale, peanut based seasoned with whole grain oats, and cinnamon.
  • Mailman Malt Licker, chicken based and seasoned with turmeric, ginger, oranges,carrots, basil, cilantro and fennel.
  • Session…Squirrel which is veggie based,  seasoned with carrots, apples, green beans,celery, oranges, sweet potatoes, ginger, turmeric and mint.

Each can retails for $5, and a four-pack costs $18. A sampler pack containing each brew is also available for $18.

Humans CAN drink these beers, but remember they are made for a dog’s palate and are a little bland.

Order a pack or two HERE.