Tips to prepping your home for the summer!

Spring ends in little over a month, and we are already feeling the heat.

Nick Ducote, talked to a local specialist about how you can prep for the summer’s heat!

The upkeep of your air conditioning is also a factor for your wallet says A/C Vets technician, Vinson Chatman.

“Average cost of repairs can run from you know $75 to up $6000,” said Chatman.

His partner Rodney Hall says to make sure your home is summer-ready and these steps can help:

Change the air filter every thirty days.

Pay close attention to your outside condenser unit, which can get dirty from yard clippings, leaves, and trash.

Technicians also say to check for leaks.

Schedule a checkup with an A/C qualified professional at least twice a year.

Lastly, they suggest not to put off A/C repairs. And they also have tips for inside the home which can help your electric bill.

“Make sure that all your windows and doors are properly sealed. Use a ceiling fan, it helps push the air out and disperse it into the room. Make sure that there’s nothing blocking the return air. No furniture, piece of plastic, a plant or anything like that. Those restrictions can cause your unit to work harder than it have to,” Hall explained.

Liberty Mutual Insurance also has tips for keeping the home cool and your bill low.

Inspecting outdoor plumbing, hoses, faucets and pipes for leaks.

Inspecting your roof, gutters and insulation can also help during the summer time.

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