Thanksgiving Supper in a Can!

Your grandmother might not appreciate it if you bring these as your assigned “side dish”, but you probably don’t appreciate being stuck at the kids table for two and a half decades!

Thanksgiving supper with no cooking and cleaning? How is this possible, well Pringles has done the undoable! Pringles announced its releasing three Thanksgiving dinner-flavored chips- Pumpkin Pie, Turkey and Stuffing- all stacked and packed into one box!


Photo credit: Kellogg Company

These chips come in packaging meant to resemble the canned goods in your pantry while tasting like those Turkey Day dishes. Pringles describes its turkey flavor as “a take on the traditional oven roasted turkey.” The pumpkin pie flavor is “sweet and spiced just like your grandma’s recipe,” while stuffing is “just like the herb-y side dish,” Pringles said.

Photo courtesy: Kellogg’s

Your probably thinking- HOW DO I GET THESE?! And although these snacks won’t be available in stores, on Tuesday, Nov. 6 at 11:59 p.m. EST, you can purchase a three-pack of Pringles Thanksgiving chips for $14.99 from the Kellogg’s store for a limited time!!

This fun chip can surely bring a smile(or the classic Pringles duck beak) to faces !