Stuffed Jxn: Asian Street Food

Stuffed Asian Street Food serves a variety of Authentic Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese 'stuffed' street food. You’ll find everything from dumplings, to Bahn Mi, and steamed bao buns.

 If you’re familiar with Poke Stop in Cultivation Food Hall then try owner Rachel  Lê’s newest restaurant, Stuffed Jxn Asian Street Food. Stuffed serves a variety of Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese ‘stuffed’ street food. They have everything from dumplings, to egg rolls, and steamed bao buns. 

 Stuffed is most notably known for their Vietnamese Banh Mi. A Bahn Mi is like a po’boy. It’s stuffed with your choice of meat, pickled daikon and carrots, jalapeños, cilantro, pate, and Vietnamese mayo served on a French roll.  

Like the Bahn mi, all of the menu items are Lê’s own recipes and the selection of meats are cooked and marinated in house. 

Stuffed Asian Street Food
Bahn Mi with Lemongrass Beef

“I haven’t seen anywhere else that does the braised pork belly the way that we do. And the lemongrass beef is my favorite one. I’ve had these types of cuisines all over and what I’m giving you, I’m giving you something authentic. It has been a challenge for me because I’m still very new to this industry and Jackson has been so supportive”  -Rachel Lê

Lê takes Asian street food to the next level. Therefore, having one bite will lead to you leaving stuffed. Stop by the Cultivation Food Hall to get in on these delicious items. Make sure to grab a whipped coffee too!