Sour- Sweet- Cereal? Sour Patch Kids Cereal is here!

Sour- Sweet- Cereal? Sour Patch Kids cereal? Is this a real thing?

Source: Post

The answer is- yes. On the Today Show, a representative from Post confirmed that they will be making this candy flavored cereal. The breakfast food(maybe dessert now?), will be on the shelves of your local Walmart starting December, 26th.

Sour Patch Kids have been a candy favorite for a long time, and now the internet is blowing up over their upcoming new debut. And we can’t blame them!

And even if you don’t like the candy, you know the saying: “First they’re sour, then they’re sweet!” Post’s newest cereal promises to live up to the saying. The cereal will also be shaped like the original little candy figures. It’s expected to sell for just under $4 a box.

So, now here’s the real question…will you try it?

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