Sexiest accents in the USA- See where Mississippians rank!

There is no doubt that the USA has a multitude of accents. From the cajun French dialect down in Louisiana to the quasi-Italian accent in the Northeast, there is no pinning down just one accent for the USA.

The international media company, Big Seven Travel, just released the official results of the USA’s Sexiest Accents for 2019.

Big Seven surveyed 1.5 million people in a sample survey from their social audience. The results are in for the sexiest, and least sexy, accents in the U.S. of A.

The Mississippi accent ranked #6!

Top 10 Sexiest USA Accents 2019:

10th. Californian 

9th. St. Louis

8th. Philadelphia

7th. Hawaiian 

6th. Mississippi 

5th. Chicago

4th. Mainer

3rd. New York

2nd. Boston 

1st. Texan