The Prickly Hippie puts a spin on a yummy treat!

Pumpkin Cake bites by Prickly Hippie!

The Prickly Hippie in Ridgeland, MS put a spooky spin on a yummy treat. This Halloween season they are whipping up pumpkin cake bites!

These treats are made like the ever-so-popular cake pops, minus the “pop”. They are mushed up cake mixed with icing, rolled into a delicious treats topped with more icing! Can you say yum in the name of pumpkins!


Here are the steps to making these spooky treats:

  1. Bake cake flavor of your choice, let cool
  2. Crumble Cake into a bowl
  3. Add just enough buttercream to make cake stick together
  4. Roll out cake balls to desired size (I suggest golf ball sized)
  5. Place Cake Balls on parchment paper on cookie sheet, using thumb press in center to create pumpkin shape
  6. Place Cake Bites in freezer for 1 hour
  7. Melt white chocolate in microwave & Color with orange food coloring
  8. Using spoon, coat cake bites & place back on parchment paper & cookie sheet
  9. Place back in freezer until chocolate hardens (15 minutes or less)
  10. With piping tip #3, create curly vines with Green Buttercream from center of pumpkin
  11. Using chocolate buttercream and #8 piping tip, pipe stem in center of pumpkin
  12. Finally, using a leaf tip, create a leaf or two around the stem

Call and book your custom order of pumpkin cake bites today at (601) 910-6730

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