On The Road: Blue Front Cafe

The Blue Front Cafe sits in Bentonia, MS.

“The historians, both Mississippi and U.S. say it is the last original juke joint standing between the Atlantic and the Pacific…  I don’t know- I’m just here.”

Jimmy ‘Duck’ Holmes explains that what started as a little café and juke joint some 70 years ago- has turned into a place some people just call home.

“We started 70 years ago, I was one year old. My mom and dad started it. My mom would run the kitchen and dad ran up here and momma would cook hotdogs, Buffalo fish and occasionally a few hamburgers. ”

Nowadays, the Blue Front doesn’t serve food- just a great time and even better music…

People from not only around the state of Mississippi but also from around the world filled the booths that Friday evening as locals filled in their usual spots at the bar and the music.. well it filled all the gaps in between.

“I’ve been opening them doors for 49 years.. 49 years-never been closed.”

“I get asked the question a lot of times- How long am I going to be here- This is where I live, but I sleep at the house.  I’m here every morning at 6:30 and guess what? – somebody coming.. somebody’s coming.”