Nine trendy new Halloween costumes for 2019

Happy Halloween! It is that time of year again which means it's time for candy, parties, costumes. Want to stand out with your costume this year? We have a list of new trendy costumes this 2019 Halloween season from the 80s, Disney, and the classics.

Return of the 80s costumes

Stranger Things Eleven

Throwing it back to the 80’s when the mall was the place to be because they were so many things to do! This new popular costume is from Stranger Things Eleven mall scene and is bringing you straight from the 80’s with this romper.

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80's Track Suit

Hop, Skip, Jump, Breath! Get ready to get physical with this throw back 80’s track suit. It was popular whether you were working out or wanted to jam and dance at party. This costume is a lot of colors and a lot of fun!

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Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! Be a member of the team of scientists with this Ghostbusters costume! Exterminate the ghost this Halloween season.

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The Magical World of Disney Costumes 


The new member of the Toy Story gang, Forky! This is costumes is for kids and adults so no matter who you are you can get this new costume from Toy Story 4.

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This Halloween be the one and only villainess mistress of the night, Maleficent. Ladies or girls alike can command attention as the waltz around the evening of Halloween night. Maleficent 2 is coming out next year.

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Captain Marvel

Get ready for epic adventures when you get into this Captain Marvel costume. Be super powerful this Halloween season in this costume to defeat the other competition.

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The Good Old Classic Costumes


Love to hate them or hate to love them. Clowns can be either super silly, funny, happy, and colorful or scary, mean, creepy, and a little bloody. Either way the clown is a classic costume that will definitely get you noticed for Halloween.

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Welcome the children of the night to your door in this outfit and they might run off without any treats. Some might even call you bat-crazy as you sneak into a Halloween party dressed as Count Dracula.

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No bones about it, this costume will turn skulls as you walk the neighborhood. The glow-in-the-dark bones will make you stand out in the dark and in the crowd.

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