New “Smash Room”, Break iT, comes to the Outlets of Mississippi!

Break iT Smash Room
© Break iT

The Outlets of Mississippi has become your retail and entertainment destination. Adding to the line up of Eplex, Black Axes, and Paradox Escape Rooms is Break iT!

Break iT is a “Smash Room” where patrons can physically smash items with baseball bats, golf clubs, hammers and more.

If you are having a bad day or feeling stressed or just want to have some good ole fun, suit up in professional grade coveralls, a helmet and safety glasses and break

Smash Rooms are for ages 18 and up, but ages 16 – 18 are allowed inside with a parent
or guardian. Closed shoes are required to participate.

Break iT also offers kid friendly games such as Paint Explosion, Gem Mining and even arcade
games and skee-ball that everyone can enjoy.

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Outlets of Mississippi: Your retail and shopping destination!