Mississippi’s favorite TV couple!

Love is in the air and in the television as well.

Most of us can probably say that at some point of our TV-watching lives, we have felt connected to characters and their fictitious relationships. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day coming up, USDish took a look into America’s favorite TV couples.

In order to find our favorite TV couples, USDish.com used data from the last five years from Google Trends and took a look at twenty-four TV couples. Take a look at the map below!

Here in Mississippi, we are a fan of vampires. Damon and Elena from Vampire Diaries came in first for our favorite TV couple. A few neighbor states like Alabama and Louisiana had the same idea.

Jim and Pam from The Office are the most popular couple winning over the hearts of eight states across America.

In terms of popularity by state, Monica and Chandler surprisingly beat out Rachel and Ross who some call Friends’ most iconic couple. I guess that is what happens when you take a break 😉



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