Guide to Madison: Strawberry Cafe

Any trip to Madison needs a stop at The Strawberry Cafe!

The Strawberry Café originally opened its doors in 1987, but it wasn’t until Ashley Bach, her husband and her brother decided they wanted to open a restaurant in 2005 that we were given the Strawberry Café we know today. Ashley told us that when the idea of opening a restaurant came about, the trio knew they wanted to be in Madison.

“It’s just a great community and a great place to be,” said Ashley Bach. “Our customers and the city, and everybody have been really supportive of us and we couldn’t be more appreciative.”

The food at the café is inspired by the trio’s childhoods, work experience, and international travels. Naturally, we had to start with dessert.

It is obvious that great food and being a part of the community in Madison is what makes Strawberry Café unique.

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