Meet Pumbaa at McClain’s safari!

Pumbaa is a 7 and a half week old warthog that now calls McClain Safari his home.

As many of us know from the Lion King, warthogs are from originally from Africa, but this Pumbaa was adopted from Franklin, Texas.

I took to National Geographic to learn more about our new friend Pumbaa! Here are some cool facts I found-

  • Their heads are covered in “warts”- which are actually bumps for protection! (hence the name)
  • Warthogs have four tusks that are sharp and stick out.
  • They are surprisingly quick, and can run up to 30 mph! (no wonder Pumbaa outran those hyenas in Lion King)
  • They can go long periods (I’m talking months) without water!

Joni McClain shares a little about Mister Pumbaa, “Pumbaa is a very playful, outgoing, and affectionate little warthog!”

At this point you are probably wondering “How do I get to see Pumbaa?!?!” But hakuna matata because the¬†answer to that is simple. Take a Safari and close encounters tour at McClain!

Standard Tour Pricing:

  • $15 for Adults (ages 13-64)
  • $13.50 Military Discount Show Military ID at Farmers Market
  • $13.50 Seniors Discount (ages 65 +) Show ID at Farmers Market
  • $10 for Children (ages 3-12)
  • Free (ages 0-2)

This tour gets you a guided safari wagon tour over the McClain property to view some cool exotic animals, and a trip to the petting zoo!


Close Encounters Show & Safari Tour Pricing:

  • $22.50 for Adults
  • $20.25 for Military Discount (Show Military ID at Farmers Market)
  • $20.25 Seniors Discount (Show ID at Farmers Market)
  • $15 for Children (ages 3-12)
  • 0-2 attend for FREE

This tour gets you a guided wagon tour around the McClain property, a trip to the petting zoo AND a sit-down show with the smaller exotic animals.

Close Encounters Schedule:

  • 9:00 am Close Encounters Show / 10:30 am Wagon Tour
  • 12:00 pm Close Encounters Show/ 1:30 pm Wagon Tour
  • 3:00 pm Close Encounters Show/ 4:30 pm Wagon Tour


There are a few different type of tours you can take at McClain’s. Click HERE for all your options!