History of the Egg Bowl

History of the Egg Bowl

Last year, the Bulldogs brought home the W from Oxford with a brutal 35-5 win over the Rebels. This year, these two team will meet for the 116th time, with the series lead going to Ole Miss at 64-45-6.

Thanksgiving day will mark the 29th time the teams have gone head-to-head over turkey(aka Thanksgiving).

Although the teams first met back in 1901, the awarding of the “Golden Egg” would not begin for another 26 years in 1927. And, the term “Egg Bowl” was said to be coined by The Clarion-Ledger newspaper in Jackson, MS when they printed the headline “Egg Bowl is Up For Scramble”.

You may be wondering where the hecking-heck the name “Egg Bowl” came from, and I hate to inform you that the name is a little anti-climatic. Picture this- Thanksgiving Day 1926- the then Mississippi A&M Aggies fall short to the Ole Miss Red & Blue after 13 years of dominating the series. The Red and Blue stormed the field in Starkville after the game in attempt to tear down the goalposts. After a few fights broke out- the two student bodies came together to decide that a gold trophy would possibly incentivize unsportsmanlike conduct. The trophy has an old-timey looking football on it, which looks like an egg to most people.

So… there we go, the name the Egg Bowl was born!

Decade of Egg Bowl Match-ups: 

2008: Ole Miss 45, Mississippi State 0

2009: Mississippi State 41, Ole Miss 27

2010: Mississippi State 31, Ole Miss 23

2011: Mississippi State 31, Ole Miss 3

2012: Ole Miss 41, Mississippi State 24

2013: Mississippi State 17, Ole Miss 10 (OT)

2014: Ole Miss 31, Mississippi State 17

2015: Ole Miss 38, Mississippi State 27

2016: Mississippi State 55, Ole Miss 20

2017: Ole Miss 31, Mississippi State 28

2018: Mississippi State 35, Ole Miss 3


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