Go back in time and back to school with Mississippi Weekend and WLBT!

In honor of school being back in session, we took it back to the good ole days when some of us were in school!

Take a look at a handful of WLBT anchors, reporters and producers. Check out what advice they have for going back to school this year!

Mrs. Maggie Wade in 1st grade

Maggie says, “Be yourself!  Smile, enjoy learning, be friendly and focus on the positive!”

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Maggie Wade is an asset to WLBT! We learn from her on the daily watching her Anchor at WLBT!

Wilson Stribling in 2nd grade

Wilson says, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make the most of it.”

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Wilson has worn many hats here at WLBT over the years, but is now one of the Morning Anchors!

Symphonie Privett

Symphonie’s advice is, “Find your tribe. Being authentic is one of the best things you can do for yourself.”

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Symphonie is a ray of sunshine each morning as Wilson's partner in crime as our Morning Anchor!

Cheryl Lasseter

Cheryl’s advice is, “Don’t procrastinate! Get your homework done early in the day so you don’t have to cram later!”

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Cheryl is just one of our awesome well-known legends around the newsroom, she now works as an Anchor!

CJ LeMaster

CJ LeMaster shares, “Classes are important to your future, but the older you get, the more you realize the time spent with your fellow classmates is just as rewarding, too. The friendships and knowledge you take with you will shape the person you become for the rest of your life. Enjoy the ride.”

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CJ is our talented Chief Investigative Reporter here at WLBT!

Rachel Coulter

Rachel’s advice is to “Write anything and everything important in your planner and make a habit of checking it often. If you’re anything like me and forget EVERYTHING, this habit will save ya more than once!”

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Rachel is just one member of our AWESOME WLBT weather team!

Summer Tadlock

Summer’s advice is, “Be kind to your pals. Make new friends! Learn as much as you can. Appreciate your teacher, and cherish nap-time!”

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Summer is a local gal and can be found working as a Reporter with WLBT!

Howard Ballou

Howard wants students to know to, “Open your mind and be a sponge, then you can clean up the good grades!”

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Howard is our NEWEST ANCHOR;) just kidding! He's been around a little while, and we love having him as one of our anchors!

Cat Green

My advice to all the kids and even adults heading back to school this fall would be to bloom where you are planted. And, don’t forget the most important thing- be kind, even when you don’t feel like being nice or kind at all… be kind!

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I work as the Mississippi Weekend producer and host!

ShaCamree Gowdy

ShaCamree says, “Wake up each morning with a positive attitude, ready to conquer the day! Remember that school is one big learning ADVENTURE and there’s always an activity to be done.”

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ShaCamree works hard behind the scenes as one of our Digital Content Producers! Just think all those news stories (plus a whole bunch more) go online!!

Dave Roberts

Dave shares, “If you’re nervous, remember there’s only one first day of school & then it’s over.  Also, the hall-pass is gold…respect it and cherish it.  Good luck.”

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Dave is our Chief Meteorologist here at WLBT!

Patrick Ellis

Patrick’s advice is, “Do yourself proud and never stop learning; there is no hope for a satisfied mind.”

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Patrick wakes up with you dark and early! He is our morning meteorologist at WLBT!

WLBT and Mississippi Weekend wish you and your family a wonderful school year!