Which Game of Thrones character is Mississippi obsessed with?

Who is your favorite Game of Thrones character?

Winter has been a long time coming for Game of Thrones fans. After 63.5 viewing hours and a two-year hiatus between seasons seven and eight, the world is just six episodes away from learning Westeros’s fate. (Of course, book fans, who have been on tenterhooks since the first novel was published in 1996, have at least two books and several years to wait for the literary series to finish.)

Now that winter is finally here (on HBO, at least), each character’s ultimate fate will be revealed, and viewers in every state are turning to Google to brush up on Westeros lore and character backstories before tuning in this April.

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Have you ever wondered, though, how many people share your favorite character? GetCenturyLink.com searched for each state’s most popular GoT characters and the results just might surprise you. From the Lannisters to Targaryens, check out their findings below.

Game of Thrones

Mississippi residents are obsessed with Tyrion Lannister! 

Hold the door for these interesting findings

Daenerys Targaryen is apparently the most intriguing character aiming for the Iron Throne: 16 states search for the Mother of Dragons, making her the most searched character nationwide. Jon Snow, on the other hand, only appeared in Massachusetts’ searches.

Game of Thrones

Meanwhile, some states haven’t let go of the long dead. Vermont and Rhode Island searched for Joffrey Baratheon while six states googled Khal Drogo most (actor Jason Momoa’s starring role as Aquaman could have something to do with his former character’s popularity). Meanwhile, Minnesotans search for Ned Stark more than any other character—something about his competent rule of Winterfell on the edge of an icy wasteland seems to have struck a chord with fans.

A few other most googled characters seem closely tied to their states’ interests and character. Arya Stark, the most adventuresome and wild of the Stark siblings, is a favorite in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming—three of the least populated yet most outdoorsy states. Similarly, the unconventional, independent residents of Alaska were the only ones to favor the unconventional, independent Brienne of Tarth.

As for which house is most often googled across the nation, characters from House Targaryen come in first, followed by House Stark. The cutthroat Lannisters are obviously the least favorite: Jaime and Cersei didn’t appear in any searches, while Tywin surfaced in Connecticut’s, and Tyrion arose in seven other states.