Fenian’s Pumpkin King Burger

Fenian’s Pumpkin King Burger is here!

This Halloween themed burger is being served up until October, 31st.

The Pumpkin King has a charcoal infused bun filled with a juicy beef patty, spider-web Irish porter cheddar, pickled purple people eater cabbage, candy corn candied bacon, pumpkin ketchup all topped with a fried raven claw!

¬©Fenian’s Pub

Ryan Cassell, the General Manager and Chef of Fenian’s, told us that the restaurant is “really big about supporting local farmers and producers”. For the Pumpkin King Burger- the bread and buns comes from Gil’s Bread in Ridgeland, the pumpkins for the ketchup comes from Two Dogs Farm in Flora and the pecan smoked bacon comes from Home Place Pastures in Como.

This burger may be savory, but the story behind naming this monstrosity sure is sweet. Ryan’s daughter has a birthday that falls on Halloween, and her current favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. So, obviously Ryan did what any dad would do and named the burger with some inspiration from his daughter!

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Fenian’s typically has a weekly burger special, and they range from pretty normal to pretty outrageous. Check them out on Facebook here to get all the details about weekly burgers and events that the pub has going on!¬†